Telecommunication Repair Centre

We are technically highly trained personnel and provide High End Repair Service which covers these sectors:

  • Advance repair and replacement.
  • Board (Printed Circuit Board - PCB) level component repair.
  • Repair and maintenance Contracts.

We customerized service and support by helping customer every step of the way, whether it's an immediate equipment requirement or to anticipate and facilitate customer needs. We emphasize fast, highly responsive, single point of contact problem resolution.

For the Repair Services that we provide, we are always implementing new ways to :

  • Provide our custommers substancial savings in cost & time by doing it locally.
  • Provide tested and guaranteed products.
  • Deliver product when urgently needed with the minimum turn-around time of 24 hours or to a maximum of 1 week which this cannot be accommodate by overseas principals due to the hassle of sending item abroad.






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