The highly skilled human resources at JNP Technologies has provided high quality System Integration services to various sectors, such as the central government, local governments, social infrastructure, communications, finance, manufacturing and logistics.

Information Technology

Network configuration and architecture which include designing, implementation, networking technologies such as WAN, LAN, Routers, Switches, Bridges, Hubs, Network Security, Firewalls, encryption, OS: NT/WIN, LINUX, ORACLE etc.


Wireless Solution
Engineering services which include Field Survey and RF propagation study, Network Planning, System Design, Equipment Installation (indoor & outdoor), Antenna System, Radio coverage measurement and optimization, System Enhancement etc.

Radio Base Station infrastructure and its related civil
Works that include Communication Towers, Equipment Housing, Road leading to the station, Power and Security System etc.

Network and System Provisioning which covers
Switching Equipment, Transmission System both Digital Radio Links, Optical Fiber cable and the related Electronics such as SONET, SDH Multiplexing   Frame Relay /ATM, and other Network Access Equipment.

Mobile Telephony Technology such as GSM, CDMA, UTMS, 3G and Bluetooth Technology.      

Experience and Skilled Manpower

Communication Network Engineers and Program Managers.
IT Network Engineers and Programmers experience In CORBO, MOM, XML, C++, Visual C++, Websphere, IPlanet, Weblogic i.e. HTML, XML, ASP, OO Design etc.



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