The Composer

Free yourself from the casualties and excessive cost of manual re-writes or COTS. We offer you a solution that provides a proven, safe, automated application conversion and modernization of over 18 Legacy code and databases.

The Composer Solutions is a leader in Automated Legacy Modernization and Business Rules Extraction. Our solution eliminates the risk of manual rewrites, shortens the timeline for project completion and lowers the cost of conversion.

The Composer have converted or modernized over 150 applications. Our solutions include different practices:

Automated Modernization of 18 Legacy languages to today’s supportable code and databases

New application development using the Composer Suite of automated tools as the foundation

Business Rule Extraction, Automated Validation and Verification including Procurement Library

Hosting and cloud services of Composer licensed tools and client applications

Composer turns data into information. We begin with the underlying philosophy of minimizing risk and disruption. Automated Legacy Modernization is a safe, proven methodology designed to reduce the risk, cost and time associated with manual “Rip and Replace” solutions. Composer converts old legacy code, such as COBOL, Lotus Notes, Oracle Forms, Adabas/Natural, PACBASE and others to a new platform i.e. Java, C# and data to normalized databases i.e. SQL Server, Oracle or DB2, ready for testing and production. The result is an end-to-end conversion of code and data completed with minimal risk, at a fraction of the time and cost of a rewrite.

The composer is divided into 2 main products

Composer CipherSoft

Software that migrates Oracle Forms and PL/SQL applications to Java, XML and browser based technologies. Migration to Oracle ADF is also an option.  Available as software for licensing and also as a service performed by Composer Technologies.

Composer Notes

Software toolset for migration of custom Lotus Notes business applications to the Microsoft .Net Platform.



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