Legal Case Manager

Policy-Based Case Management for Legal Discovery

With Case Manager, your legal team can now control and manage the search, review and production process – no longer requiring IT assistance each time a new case develops.

Case Manager makes setup and administration simple and intuitive. Within minutes, you can create a virtual case and start searching across all electronically store information (ESI) in the Central Archive through a single interface: from email and IM messages, message attachments and desktop documents to ERP data like SAP and transaction reports.

Case files can be automatically updated, placed on legal hold, and appended with new data from the archive server to respond to ongoing investigations, audits or legal proceedings efficiently and securely.

Case Manager enables organizations to respond to eDiscovery requests in a quick, consistent and defensible manner while minimizing the burden and cost of case administration.

Easy to use

Manage the eDiscovery process through a single, intuitive interface from a central location.

Reduce time and costs of eDiscovery

From a single interface, search across all electronically stored information including email, social media, file systems, transaction reports, and voicemail.

Fast access to records

Automatically update custodian records as new case data is created.

Mitigate business risks associated with improper data handling

Access to records is strictly controlled to ensure privacy and confidentiality policies are never violated.

Establish a consistent business process for eDiscovery requests and production

Provides a logical, audited workflow through the discovery process from initial case setup through to review and production.

Validate record trustworthiness Store records on tamperproof storage, providing a comprehensive audit trail that shows the full process chain of custody so the record is considered trustworthy in a court of law.
Fulfill “duty to preserve” Automated processes enforce record retention, disposition and legal holds according to organizational policies and regulations.