File and SharePoint Archiving

High-performance, policy-driven file system and Microsoft SharePoint archiving

Managing the explosive growth in electronic information throughout the enterprise from a central archive rather than storing in individual file systems, helps organizations to satisfy business, legal and compliance requirements and greatly improves operational efficiencies.

The Central Archive offers connectors for File System and SharePoint archiving allowing you to process, manage and securely archive the unlimited volumes of files generated by applications other than email.

The automated workflow manages the entire file discovery, retrieval, migration and archiving process. Electronic records from disparate systems are automatically captured, classified and indexed according to organization-defined policies, and stored in a centralized archive on tamperproof storage. The entire process is fully auditable via a chain of custody.

Capabilities of the Unify Central Archive include:

Features and Benefits:

The Central Archive provides a secure, scalable and auditable solution that leverages a high-performance workflow to streamline the lifecycle management of electronic records.

Mitigate corporate compliance costs and risks

Manage the archiving, retention and disposition of content posted to social networks according to corporate policies and regulations:

  • Prevent spoliation with automatic legal holds on all case search results
  • Review message content against corporate policies automatically to reduce messaging risks
  • Ensure authenticity of all records with full process chain of custody
  • Full audit trail of system and user activities
Reduce risks associated with managing and retaining electronic records

Processed files are centrally managed, from initial archiving, through final destruction, and stored with other electronic documents according to corporate policies, facilitating fast and accurate search and retrieval, in the event of eDiscovery or audit requirements.

Support for regulatory audits

An auditable chain of custody is available for every file.

Achieve operational efficiencies

Repeatable, automated and tunable processes can be implemented, eliminating manual discovery and increasing productivity.

Secure, non-tamperable preservation of messages

Records are secured and preserved in their original format on tamperproof storage in accordance with retention guidelines.

Easy migration to Central Archive

Migration tools help you define file system archiving policy, discover candidate files on the network, and automatically locate, ingest and index (including meta-data and source location) files into the archive.

Intelligent archiving

SharePoint files are archived with other electronic record types providing a knowledge pool for search and retrieving messages in context to other archived records.





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