Central Archive for Email

With the majority of business communication and transactions now handled via email, organizations are faced with increasing compliance, records management and discovery requirements coupled with growing storage demands. Archiving is now essential to effectively manage the escalating volumes of information contained in email.

The Central Archive offers emails archiving for Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, Sun JMS, Bloomberg, PSTs and NSFs.

Email archiving is handled automatically in the background. Users retrieve archived email just like they retrieve email from the server, with no email client plug-in installation required. Messages can be categorized and attached to both a corporate file plan and a storage file plan, for records and destruction management, and logical and physical migrations. In addition, any record, custodian, category, or date range can be placed on legal hold as part of structured legal discovery and legal case management application.

Mitigate corporate compliance costs and risks

Manage the archiving, retention and disposition of emails automatically according to corporate policies and regulations:

  • Prevent spoliation with automatic legal holds on all case search results
  • Review message content against corporate policies automatically to reduce messaging risks
  • Ensure authenticity of all records with full process chain of custody
  • Full audit trail of system and user activities
Reduce eDiscovery costs

Search from a single interface across high volumes of email, attachments and other records at exceptional search speeds.

Gain control over .NSF and PST files

Identify, manage and archive NSF or PST files in an integrated workflow process that can be audited and validated every step of the way.

Improve operational efficiencies

Automatically move email and attachments from the mail servers to a managed, robust archive, reducing storage, server infrastructure and associated support costs.

Intelligent archiving

Email is archived with other electronic record types providing a knowledge pool for search and retrieving messages in context to other archived records.

Dynamic Data Migration Should a customer decide to migrate from Lotus Notes to Exchange, DDM provides continuous access to Notes email directly from the user's Outlook client without the costs and risks associated with traditional bulk conversion to Exchange. Original Notes messages remain unchanged and can continue to be accessed and utilized by end users.





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