Central Archive

Policy-based Archival and Management of Electronic Records To Facilitate Legal Discovery, Compliance, Governance and Optimize Performance

It is essential for you to manage your electronic data for fast, easy and accurate retrieval when required. We help you to address these challenges with a single, comprehensive information archiving solution.

The Central Archive is a policy driven, highly scalable solution for all forms of electronically stored information. The Central Archive:

  • Provides a single, scalable repository for secure archiving of all electronic records.
  • Supports comprehensive corporate policies for retention and disposition of all corporate records, regardless of underlying application.
  • Delivers a comprehensive and compliant audit trail to ensure that all activity is securely logged and can be reproduced with full process chain of control.
  • Ensures that files placed on legal hold cannot be destroyed or modified in any way until the hold order is lifted.

An extensive product portfolio complements the Central Archive to further manage regulatory compliance, facilitate legal discovery and simplify the management of electronic documents:

  • Legal Case Manager simplifies the eDiscovery process by automating the search, review and production process with a highly flexible workflow design.
  • Supervision helps you mitigate messaging risks by scanning the content of all archived email, instant messages and attachments for suspicious content.
  • A host of Connectors extend the comprehensive information management capabilities of the Central Archive to file systems, social media archiving, Sun JMS, Bloomberg, Microsoft SharePoint, and hardware storage systems